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March 17 2016


5 Big Food and Fitness Myths

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1. Fat-Free Is Care-Free

Low-fat, reduced fat and fat-free. They wouldn't slap it on the front of packaging in big bright letters if people didn't think it was somehow better for them. The problem is that calories continue to be calories, whether they come from fat, protein, sugar, or other things that are. AND, fat includes a high energy density, allowing you to feel fuller on less calories. For many people all fat will work for you, or that you shouldn't choose foods lower in trans fat, but you're form of defeating the purpose if you need to eat twice as much to feel full since your avoiding foods with fat. More info.

2. Weight Loss Could be Targeted To A Specific Portion of the Body

The biggest offender within this one is ab workouts. I have come across a ridiculous array of ab workout equipment in the marketplace claiming to give you rock solid abs in only Fifteen minutes a day. Yeah, sure.... The same goes for every other area of one's body. Yes, working out a particular part of your body will build muscle in that specific area, nonetheless it won't do a bit a great for your outward appearance when there is still a layer of fat covering your brand-new muscles. Basically, you can't target where you burn fat or lose fat. You'll be able to only target that you build muscle, which will only be noticed once the fat is gone.

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3. Stretching Before Working out Decreases Risk Of Injury

This one's a tricky one. Most advice on proper fitness includes stretching as being a must before any workout. But think it over this way; The reason for stretching is to get your body warmed up for that various ranges of movement your body will be subjected to during your workout. However , when you stretch, parts of your muscles, tendons and joints are increasingly being put through that range of motion while still cold. The proper way to get ready for a workout is always to do 5-10 minutes on a treadmill, bike or elliptical, then stretch, then be able to your main workout. Yeah, it adds a little bit of extra time in, yet it's a small price in order to keep all your muscles and tendons in tact. Details.

4. Cravings Are generated by Nutrient Deficiencies

Straight away, a red flag with this one is that if you've noticed, your cravings are generally for chocolate along with other things you generally find tasty. I've met not many people who have a yearning for kelp (iodine), celery (vitamins B1, B2, B6, and C) or rice bran (fiber). Most recent studies have shown that cravings generally an emotional or pyshcological cause, rather than physiological. That's not to express that no cravings are caused by a nutrient deficiency, and there is still a lot of debate within the medical community, however it does mean the next time you're craving a candy bar, it probably isn't one's body telling you that you need more sugar, caramel and peanuts...

5. Eat As Many Fruits & Vegetables As you would like

A calorie is often a calorie is a calorie. You'll be able to become overweight eating just broccoli the same as had you been shoveling in twinkles all day. Sure, the twinkles would complete the job faster, but in which the danger comes in is the fact that many people let their guard down regarding portion size when eating something considered healthy. As healthy as it might be, it still contains calories, which most fitness experts come back to as the be all and end every one of weight loss. That's one good reason our products, for example CrispyFruit are portion controlled.

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